Equity and Inclusion

ACLAM Statement on Racism and Inclusion

published 10/2020

We, the Board of Directors of the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine, on behalf of the full membership, stand in solidarity with other scientific organizations and societies (https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-01721-x) in the condemnation of police brutality, social injustice, and systemic racism. While we acknowledge the increasing diversity within our own membership, we recognize there is more to be done to exemplify and promote a truly inclusive and anti-racist culture within science and medicine.

In addition to this statement, initial actions in three areas are being taken:

  1. The BOD will establish an Equity and Inclusion Task Force to review the College’s “current state” in this area and identify and prioritize opportunities for change.
  2. The ACLAM 2021 Forum Committee will be including applicable topics and speakers in the 2021 Forum Program to support the membership in addressing issues of systemic racism and inequities within their own organizations.
  3. Equity and inclusion will be highlighted as one of the College’s core values during our next 5-Year Strategic Planning scheduled for 2021.

In summary, we understand that complacency is no longer acceptable and that we must - as a College and as individuals - take actionable steps within and outside our profession to demand equality for all persons, and purposefully reject racism, discrimination, violence, and systemic injustice and inequity.

Board of Directors

ACLAM Trailblazers

Join the 61st American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine (ACLAM) President, Dr. Donna Matthews Jarrell, as she interviews four (4) of ACLAM’s very own Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) trailblazers about their paths to becoming a veterinarian and achieving a veterinary specialty board certification. They also offer advice to those who are aspiring to become a veterinarian or plan to join any health-related profession as well as the organizations that educate and employ them.

ACLAM is honored to recognize Dr. William “Bill” Watson, Dr. Gwendolyn “Gwen” McCormick, Dr. Leslie Diaz, and Dr. Tracy Hanner in this 45-min educational video being offered to both our membership as well as the general public to support more diversity, equity and inclusivity, resulting in a true feeling of belonging, throughout all our organizations.