2022 James Russell Lindsey Distinguished Lectureship

Dr. Julia Hilliard presented the James Russell Lindsey Memorial Lecture as part of the ACLAM Forum on Monday, May 2. This Lectureship recognizes individuals that have made significant contributions to the mission of the College in areas of education, research, and training.
     Dr. Hilliard is a Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in Viral Immunology and Professor & Director of the Viral Immunology Center at Georgia State University in Atlanta. She received her Ph.D. at Baylor College of Medicine in Pharmacology studying the functions of DNA methylation.
     Her research on the immunology of herpesvirus infections began with a postdoctoral fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine focused on host responses to specific HSV-1 and HSV-2 polypeptides and glycoproteins. Subsequently, her research interests moved toward enhancing the understanding of host/pathogen relationships in zoonotic B virus infections to enable better understanding of why and how this neurovirulent simplex virus behaves so differently in foreign hosts versus natural hosts. Some of these studies resulted in the first diagnostic assay that enabled immunologic differentiation of B virus from HSV-1 and HSV-2, and subsequently, the first complete sequence of the B virus genome. More recently, her interests have included studying the roles of the innate and adaptive responses of natural and foreign hosts to deadly viruses to determine how emerging and re-emerging viruses may unexpectedly redirect, or be redirected in, foreign host defenses. These insights ultimately inform designs for therapeutic and/or protective vaccines and diagnostics for molecular control of high consequence infections.
     Dr. Hilliard has had a distinguished career in biomedical research. She will discuss her research journey which has impacted both animals and humans.

2019 James Russell Lindsey Distinguished Lectureship

The James Russell Lindsey Distinguished Lectureship of the College (or ACLAM) pays tribute to Dr. Lindsey, a visionary leader during the formative stages of laboratory animal medicine. Lindsey Lecturers are selected for their endeavors in the missions of ACLAM. Selection is based upon leadership in biomedical research including the development of animal models, the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of laboratory animal disease and education and training of future Diplomates. The 2019 Lindsey Lectureship is presented to Dr. Stephen Barthold whose contributions to biomedical science and leadership in laboratory animal and comparative medicine exemplify the career of Dr. Russell Lindsey.