ACLAM’s Mentoring Committee implemented and sustains a mentoring program to recruit veterinarians into laboratory animal medicine to address the national shortage of laboratory animal veterinarians in biomedical research and to provide guidance and support to those already within the specialty. Our mentoring program targets three populations: veterinarians and veterinary students interested in opportunities in laboratory animal medicine, veterinarians pursuing ACLAM certification, and laboratory animal veterinarians seeking professional development.

Mentors and mentees submit applications describing their qualifications and objectives. These applications are reviewed, and mentees are matched with appropriate mentors. Mentoring coordinators facilitate introductions between mentees and mentors, provide support as needed for mentee/mentor interactions, and conduct follow-up reviews of mentor/mentee pairs at least once every 3 to 6 months. If either the mentor or the mentee finds that the match is not working, he or she may contact the Mentoring Committee or Mentoring Coordinator for a reassignment. Feedback is solicited to support continuous improvement in the program.

Mentors and mentees may also be interested in visiting the Outreach Committee webpage for additional resources and opportunities within laboratory animal medicine.

ACLAM sustains its mentoring program with the help of these collaborating organizations:

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