ACLAM Recertification

ACLAM established a program of recertification to assist active Diplomates in maintaining the quality of their educational expertise and to provide recognition of such qualifications. The purposes of formal recertification can best be met by consistent, documented participation in a combination of scholarly activities, professional development, and service to veterinary medicine, the laboratory animal specialty, and the biomedical community.

Recertification is required at 8-year intervals, commencing with the first calendar year following initial certification. The recertification periods are staggered so that only about 1/8 of the ACLAM membership comes up for recertification each year.

Recertification Activities

A total of 400 recertification credits must be attained during each recertification period. Credit submission is based on the honor system. Activities not included in this list that demonstrably contribute to an individual’s professional development or maintenance of currency in the laboratory animal medicine specialty will be considered by the Recertification Committee.

Maintaining Certification starting in 2016

Effective 2016, newly issued Diplomate certificates will be time dated, and recertification based on that date. All Diplomates will still be required to fulfill the requirements of our recertification program to maintain their certification regardless of when they received their initial Diplomate status.

The evaluation of Diplomates for maintenance of certification will occur every 8 years effective on January 1 following the date of their initial certification.

ACLAM will not rescind an initial certificate of any Diplomate unless a date of expiration was a condition of the original certification.