Foundation Strategic Planning Summary

April 30, 2022

A sound planning process begins with analyzing the situation as it currently exists. An organized approach to this analysis indicates a number of subjects that need to be addressed. The participants in the planning workshop carefully analyzed various phases of the ACLAM Foundation including its profile; factors precipitating the planning session; mission; donor trends; grants and research; financial analysis and organizational assessment. This analysis is necessary to provide a basis for the development of sound plans.

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The ACLAM Foundation seeks to expand knowledge supporting biomedical research and the health and welfare of research animals through the funding of research grants. 

Dear Colleague:

WOW! Over 25 years! Please join us in celebrating the Silver+ Anniversary year of YOUR ACLAM Foundation! The generous support of our members and corporate partners has made possible a rich history of scientific accomplishments. With our 2021 grant recipients, the ACLAM Foundation has awarded over $2,700,000 in research dollars funding 125 research grants at 60 institutions. Importantly, these projects have resulted in over 70 publications and more than 160 presentations at national meetings. This shared knowledge and information benefits the animals and ultimately promotes excellence in our profession. We are extremely proud of our grantees and the significant impact their studies have made on our field. Please view the Foundation's for the impact that you and the Foundation have made.

Thank you for your generosity.

The ACLAM Foundation Committee

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