Future and Past Dates

Future ACLAM Forums

27-30 April 2025, Newport, RI
Newport Harbor Island Resort

26-29 April, 2029, Stevenson, WA
Skarmania Lodge

Past ACLAM Forums

2024 | Myrtle Beach, SC
Intelligence in Lab Animal Medicine: Artificial, Emotional, Adaptive.

2023 | St. Pete Beach, FL
Hybrid cars, Hybrid mice, Hybrid work-life

2022 | San Antonio, TX
Research in a New Age: Pandemic, People, Potential

2021 | Virtual
The Three P’s: Pandemic, Protests, and Professional Management

2020 | No meeting due to COVID-19 Pandemic

2019 | New Orleans, LA
Blending of Science and Camaraderie III

2018 | Lake Tahoe, NV
The Blending of Science and Camaraderie II

2017 | Tucson, AZ
The Blending of Science and Camaraderie

2016 | St. Pete Beach, FL
One Fish, Two Fish, Brain Breakthroughs; Pain, Drugs, Regs and Funding, Too

2015 | New Orleans, LA
Update your Skill Set: Leadership & Management, Preclinical Models & Occupational Health

2014 | Coeur D'Alene, ID
Disaster Planning, Skills (Management) One Health Initiative and Pain Management - AKA- "DIP SO HIP"

2013 | Williamsburg, VA
The Laboratory Animal Veterinarian's Role in Influencing Regulatory Evolution in Social Housing, Drug Management and Program Oversight

2012 | St. Pete Beach, FL
Of Mice and Management

2011 | San Antonio, TX

2010 | Newport, RI
Laboratory Animal Medicine: Can we talk?

2009 | Tucson, AZ
Into the Future - Lab Animal Medicine Preview and Prophecy

2008 | Myrtle Beach, SC
Embracing Change: Preparing for the Future

2007 | Tucscon, AZ
50 Years of Support Biomedical Research

2006 | St. Pete Beach, FL
Education in Lab Animal Medicine

2005    Asheville, NC
Pathways to Success for Lab Animal Vets

2004    Tucson, AZ
ACLAM Town Meeting-Current issues

2003    Ft. Myers, FL
Induced Animal Models - Human Disease

2002    Savannah, GA
Genetics, Genomics and Gene Therapy

2001    Pt. Clear, AL
Diagnosis and Control of Diseases

2000    Ft. Myers, FL
Advancing Science and Animal Welfare

1999    San Antonio, TX
Clinical Medicine in a Research Setting

1998    St. Charles, IL
Bioethics and the use of Lab Animals

1997    Orange Beach, AL
Human Resource Mgmt & Facility Design

1996    Annapolis, MD
Transgenics, Gene Therapy & IACUC’s

1994    Stone Mountain, GA
Occupational Health and Safety

1992    Lake Tahoe, NV
Molecular Pathogenesis of Viruses

1990    Columbia, MD
Anesthesia and Analgesia

1988    Columbia, MD
Current Concepts in LAM

1986    Columbia, MD
Animal Welfare

1985    Martha’s Vineyard, MA

1984    Olive Branch, MS
Emerging Technology in LAM

1983    Howey- in- the -Hills, FL
Biomedical Research

1982    Gatlinburg, TN

1980    McCormick Park, IN
Animal Production

1979    Lake Lanier, GA
Biohazard Control

1978    Brookhaven, NY
Quality Assurance Programs

1976    Houston, TX
Continuing Education & Recertification

1975    Boston, MA
Continuing Education Retreat