Workforce and Demographics Survey Results


Update from the Workforce Demographic Committee

The committee completed the “2022 Workforce Demographic and Salary Survey of Laboratory Animal Veterinarians” data analysis (data collected in 2023, from 2022 annual salary data) and presented the results at the 2023 National AALAS meeting in Salt Lake City, UT. The committee developed a salary calculator, based on a multiple regression model, that includes covariates such as years of laboratory animal medicine experience, ACLAM diplomate status, and primary job title to predict full-time laboratory animal veterinarian salary based on the 2022 annual salary responses. 95% confidence limits are included for each predictor, indicating with 95% confidence that the true laboratory animal veterinarian income falls between the upper and lower bounds listed.

An adapted and expanded report from the 2023 AALAS presentation (pdf file), and the salary calculator (Excel file), can be found in the Members Only section of the ACLAM website. The committee plans to administer the next survey, to collect 2024 data, before 2025 ACLAM Forum, and to report the results at the 2025 National AALAS meeting.

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