2023 ACLAM Exam Scheduled for June 26, 2023


The ACLAM exam has historically been approximately two weeks before the annual AVMA meeting. (Unless this falls on the July 4th weekend, then it is three weeks). The reason for this timing is that the BOD meets at the time of the AVMA meeting, and our Exam Committee and Exam Consultants need two weeks to analyze the data, do statistics and provide a final report to the BOD on the outcome.

For the last few years, it has been on a Friday, but we have found that there are usually questions of candidates regarding the uploading of the exam to the Prometrics server that only they can answer. If the questions come in later than 5 pm EDT there is no one to answer the inquiry until Monday. This makes for a long concerning weekend for some.

Hence the BOD has approved that going forward the Exam would be given on a Monday two weeks before the AVMA annual Meeting which provides business days immediately post exam to answer questions that may arise.

The 2023 AVMA meeting is July 14-18 and the ACLAM BOD meeting is Sunday July 16. Two weeks prior to this date would fall on the Fourth of July holiday week end hence the 2023 exam will be on Monday June 26, 2023.

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