Order Your ACLAM Replacement Pin or Pendant Today


For individual orders to be paid for by credit card and shipped to your personal address, please follow these instructions:

1) Identify which item(s) you would like to order:
   a. Selection #01: Welcome Lapel Pin
   b. Selection #02: Welcome Pendant (Charm)

The Welcome logo size is 12mm, and includes the ACLAM logo set within a square background (see image to the left), 10K yellow gold.
The Welcome Lapel Pin (#01) has a pin behind the logo that allows the pin to be attached to an article of clothing or fabric, such as the lapel of a suit jacket.
The Welcome Pendant (Charm) (#02) will have an “O” ring that will allow the pendant to be added to a chain or bracelet similar to this pendant:

2) Call OC Tanner to place your order, 888-708-7080

3) Provide the following information:
   a. You would like to place an order and pay by credit card
   b. Client number = 201536 (company name = ACLAM)
   c. Program number = 1
   d. Award level = Lvl 1
   e. Your chosen selection(s), #01 (Welcome Lapel Pin) or #02 (Welcome Pendant/Charm), and quantity of each
   f. They will provide an updated cost per item (this cost varies by month based on the price of gold) and order total
  g. Your shipping name and address, and shipping speed preference (shipping fees will be charged accordingly)
  h. Your credit card information

4) If there are any questions on order status, tracking, returns, etc. you may contact orders@octanner.com or call 888-708-7080.

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