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NIH Workshop
One Health: Integrating the Veterinarian Scientist into the Research Enterprise
7 April 2015
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ILAR Workshop
Performance Standards in the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals
20-21 April 2015
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Workshop in Laboratory Animal Medicine
North Carolina State Univ-College of Vet. Med.
14-17 May 2015
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Charles River Short Course
Marriott Hotel, Newton, MA
15-18 June 2015
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2015 Certification Exam
28 June 2015
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Hannover Germany
12-13 September 2015
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The mission of the Foundation is to expand the body of knowledge in the fields of laboratory animal science and medicine through funding research grants.

Dear Colleague:

The ACLAM Foundation is your mechanism to advance research into six key areas of laboratory animal medicine, science and welfare. In the 18 years of its existence, the Foundation has awarded over $2,000,000 in research dollars funding 103 research projects.  Importantly, together these projects have resulted in over 65 publications and more than 150 presentations at national meetings.  These projects have provided new information that allows you and me to make science based decisions for our programs. The Foundation Committee acknowledges that all the credit for this success goes to our donors and grantees for their generosity and research expertise.

Now we need your help to continue the Foundation’s success.  Please make this the year you join over half of the College membership in funding important research projects and over 155 of your colleagues in participating in the President’s Circle (a pledge of $5000 paid over 10 years).  Together we will be filling in missing data by increasing the body of knowledge in laboratory animal medicine, science and welfare.  The entire amount of your contribution, 100%, will be used to fund research grants, since ACLAM covers the modest overhead costs. 

The mission of the Foundation is to expand the body of knowledge in the fields of laboratory Animal Science and Medicine through funding research grants.  The Foundation Committee appeals to you for your financial support as it is crucial to enable the expansion of our knowledge base.  Please help us support these research studies.  Over 70 research teams competed for grants this year.  With your gift, we will be able to fund more excellent projects in the future.

Thank you for your generosity.


The ACLAM Foundation Committee



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